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Casa Chichipicas Hotel Boutique - Titulo Valle
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It is 156 km southwest of Mexico City. The natural, cultural and architectural richness of this destination is so varied that it is not enough for two days to know it. Its immensity and beauty have made it one of the most important adventure and nature destinations in Mexico.

At a height of 1,830 m above sea level, Valle de Bravo is characterized by its temperate sub-humid climate, with a maximum average temperature of 28o C and a minimum average temperature of 13o C. Its wooded mountains and lagoon allow the practice on land, air and water sports.

If you are looking for peace and tranquility, you can enjoy sacred spaces to meditate, or you can walk through the cobblestone streets of the center of Valle de Bravo and Avandaro, discovering fashion boutiques, artisan jewelry, art galleries and restaurants of Mexican and international haute cuisine. You can even buy traditional pottery and fabrics made by Mazahuas artisans.

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  • Downtown.
  • Joaquín Arcadio Pagaza Museum.
  • Crafts market.
  • «El Molino» and «Velo de Novia» Falls
  • La Peña
  • Montel Alto state park.
  • Stupa de la Paz
  • Monarch butterfly sanctuary in Piedra Herrada.
  • Music and Cultural festivals.
  • Popular Art Museum.

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